Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Imogen WhitwhamImogen Whitwham
A much deserved pass for Imogen.
Well done to Imogen for beating the nerves this time and passing her driving test on second attempt this morning with only 4 minor driving faults. Starting as a complete beginner Imogen followed the unique LDC system of leaning and had 24 hours of in-car tuition, developing her skills and knowledge to ensure she became the safe & competent driver she is today.

Danielle LeeDanielle Lee
Passed on 3rd attempt.
The sun came out to shine on Danielle at the end of her driving test as she finally managed to overcome her nerves and passed on her third attempt with only a handful of minor driving faults. I'm so proud of her for believing in herself and not giving up. Danielle who is pregnant was determined to pass her driving test before the birth of her second child as she had given up driving lessons a couple of years ago when pregnant with her first baby. Danielle is a safe and competent driver who, despite her nerves, persevered and never lost sight of her goal.

Lewis DaviesLewis Davies
Well deserved pass on 2nd attempt.
Brilliant driving instructor who gives amazing support throughout your whole learning period. I went from not knowing where to put the key into the ignition to passing my test in 6 months. I would definitely recommend Pippa to anyone who is looking to start lessons or is in need of a change of instructor. She has a calm considered approach and never makes you feel silly and also gets to know you on a personal level and adapts to your style. Thanks again Pippa " beep beep"

Tom MartinTom Martin
Well deserved first time pass for Tom.
Fantastic instructor! Really helped me with my self confidence on the road, all credit goes to Pippa for me passing 1st time. Highly recommend!

Jack DaviesJack Davies
Well deserved pass for Jack.
Jack`s goal was to pass his driving test in order to broaden his horizons at work. He worked hard towards this and was delighted to have achieved his goal after only 27 hours of driving tuition. Jack understands the importance of safe driving for life after learning the LDC way.

Jade CopelandJade Copeland
2nd Time Pass
Heavily pregnant and camera shy Jade was thrilled to pass her driving test at second attempt this morning. Despite taking a wrong turn at a busy roundabout Jade continued to drive safely & came away with only one minor driving fault on her test result sheet earning her a very well deserved pass.

Maisie GreenMaisie Green
First time pass for a delighted Maisie.
Maisie and I began our journey together 2 weeks ago when she embarked on a mid - way pass course with me, having had around 15 hours of tuition previously but not having driven for some time prior to her contacting me. Her journey ended today, when after having had a further 19 hours of driving with me and following the LD system Maisie passed her driving test on her first attempt at Chichester Driving Test Centre. A very well deserved pass!

Chloe LumsdenChloe Lumsden
First tiime pass for Chloe
A very well deserved pass for Chloe who put in such a lot of hard work between our lessons by practising in her own car with her Mum supervising. She is a competent and safe young driver whom I am proud to see out on the local roads. At just 17 yrs old Chloe works hard at college as well as doing her part time job and she told me that being able to drive will make it much easier for her now as she won`t have to rely on public transport anymore.

Kelsey PoultonKelsey Poulton
Life Changing 1st time pass.
Adamant that she would only learn in an automatic car, Kelsey was persuaded to give it a go in my manual at the end of January 2018. She surprised herself by realising that it wasn't as hard as it seemed. Her goal was to have passed her test by the school summer holidays and there were tears of joy when she was presented with her well deserved pass certificate at Portsmouth Test Centre just before the Easter holidays this year. She never tires of telling how much her and her children's lives have changed for the better since then as she is now able to get out and about without relying on buses and taxis.

Lewis-Lea lewisLewis-Lea lewis
First Time Pass
During my time learning with Pip, I have become a much more confident and enthusiastic driver. She showed me how to drive safely and how you can be comfortable in a car. Although I didn't have many lessons with Pip, we became pretty good mates with each other due to her friendly and laid back personality. He knowledge of driving is very good and she has certainly taught me well seeing as my test wasn`t very far away from my first lesson. Without Pip`s help I don`t think I could have passed the test so I am very grateful that she helped me. Pip is kind, smart, organised, caring and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone learning to drive. I have enjoyed the lessons as well as the laughs.....and the free drinks ( she keeps bottles of water in the car for her learners ).